Fashion Sampling

Whether you’re looking for the perfect photo shoot sample or you’re testing a new design out from scratch, Love White Rabbit can offer high quality fashion sampling for a wide variety of garments. Experienced in lingerie, swim, luxury and fast fashion, Florie is equipped with the correct machinery and knowledge to sew and advise on your sampling needs.

Having worked with a number of businesses over the years from established companies to some who are just getting off the ground, she understands that every client has a different need. It’s not  just about getting a high quality product out the door to you as quickly as possible, she also relishes the chance to work on longer term sample developments that may necessitate experimenting with new materials or an unusual fitting requirement.

For more examples of previous work, take a look at the portfolio section. Whatever your need and however often your call for fashion sampling and development, get in touch today to start discussing your requirements.